The Mentoring Alliance After School-Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas

Safety Statement and Promise


Since 1993, families have been entrusting the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas with the safety of their children, and we do not take this lightly.  The Mentoring Alliance recently learned about a news story which references claims of abuse at several Boys & Girls Clubs sites in other areas of the country.  None of our Boys & Girls Clubs were part of the story, nor have we been made aware of sexual misconduct at any of our sites.  The Mentoring Alliance’s number one priority has always been and will remain the safety and well being of the young people we serve. 


Our organization has a multi-stage safety equation when it comes to the management of our programs, including Mentoring Alliance After School-Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas site staff: 


  1. Thorough pre-employment screening - All potential staff members are required to complete a thorough background check process which searches state and national criminal history and Sex Offender registry checks.  These background checks are completed upon hire and renewed annually.
  2. We collect references on every applicant being considered for employment.  Our full-time staff reviews these references thoroughly, and we call approximately 1/3 of the references to be sure they were actually the person who completed the reference.
  3. In-depth regular training - Each new team member receives 15-20 hours of training before being sent to a work site.  Additionally, there are regular ongoing required training for all site staff.  During the initial and ongoing instruction, our staff is trained on mission and vision, safety and student conduct, group management techniques, and abuse prevention.  Every staff member is also trained in first aid & CPR to ensure our staff is equipped for any situation. Our training guidelines and standards not only meet but exceed, the Department of Health and Human Services “Minimum Standards” of training hours needed by after-school agencies.
  4. Routine monitoring and oversite. - Oversite of the program is provided by the Mentoring Alliance After School Director, an Area Director responsible for 4-5 sites, a Site Director responsible for 1 site, and an Assistant Site Director.  According to a prominent consultant in this field, Praesidium, 80% of abuse that occurs in an after-school setting is student-to-student.  So, we instituted a monitoring plan that makes sure we are monitoring one level down, and two levels up at all times. Another major part of our supervision and monitoring plan is something we call the “rule of three”. Every staff knows the rule of three by heart, and what this means is that no child should ever be one-on-one with a staff member in an enclosed space or apart from the supervision of another staff member.  Each site has a formal safety audit performed each school semester along with regular site visits by the Area Director at a minimum of once every 10 days. 

Operating in 27 locations throughout East Texas, the Mentoring Alliance After School-Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas provides fun, high-quality and enriching after-school care for children in elementary and middle school. Our program is uniquely designed to give students a safe place to play, to learn and grow, to foster encouraging relationships with caring role models, and to build character and confidence in all of our kids.


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