We hear you! We have children too. Use our MA After School price calculator below, and thanks to our sponsors, we'll give you the right monthly price for your pocket. Such an incredible price for an after-school program like ours that it will be hard to say "I can't." Have questions? Call us at 903.593.9211

  • Enter your annual household income.
  • Enter how many children you would like to enroll in after school care.
  • That's it! Your incredible monthly rate will show up right away.

This calculator is only for informational purposes and does not represent any enrollment action or financial agreement between Mentoring Alliance and the user. Annual household income will need to be verified via IRS Form 1040 during the enrollment process in order to apply financial aid/discounts.

*The displayed price should not be considered as final; an enrollment process and financial assistance application should be started and completed. Displayed monthly prices do not include our one-time registration fees or any other additional services or products. For our top price of $59 per child per week, a financial assistance application will not be required at registration.

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