How much is the cost for the after-school program?

Due to rising costs, our prices have increased slightly this year.  Prices vary per school. Please find your school's location on our locations page to see your weekly price. Students will not be charged for the weeks in which they have not enrolled. If you know your child will not be attending a certain week, please call the main office with at least one week's notice.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is a $40 registration fee for the year.

Do you have financial assistance available?

Yes. We have financial assistance available for those who qualify.

How can I apply for financial assistance?

You can apply for financial aid by clicking HERE and following our enrollment process.

What is the TMA membership?

The Mentoring Alliance Membership gives your child access to enroll in any of our 3 programs (MA After School-Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas, MA Summer Camps, or Mentor Connect). It is required for all children who wish to participate in any of these programs. This membership is completely free.

How do I register my child/children for the after-school program?

You can register online here! Create an online account or sign in with your information as the account owner and then add every child that will be registered in the after-school program.

After the account is created, on the main menu, click on activity and select the school. Follow the process to complete the registration process for every child that will be enrolled in the program.

If you do not have access to a computer you can come to our main office and use our kiosk.

Do I need to create an online account if I already have one from previous school year?

Yes! We recently switched to a new registration system called CampSite, and it's awesome! If you haven't created a new account in our CampSite system, please click here to do so! It will automatically take you to the enrollment steps for your child after you put in your info.  If you forgot your password you can reset it using your user name, which is your email address. If you are unable to reset your password please give us a call at 903.593.9211.