The following describes a bit about Jackie

  • I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas
  • I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew who I love dearly and love spending time with.  
  • After I graduated high school, I went to Los Angeles and worked with inner-city kids. This is when the Lord started giving me a heart for kids and families. I then later joined YWAM and Lord gave me a heart for missions. 
  • Moved to Tyler in 2016 
  • Worked as the receptionist, RCSC secretary, now I'm the program assistant for Boys & Girls Club of East Texas. 
  • Pursuing my bachelors in biblical studies from Emerge University. 
  • I love learning and being able to do life with people. 
I love working at the Mentoring Alliance because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about God. This job allows me to see and experience His faithfulness. I love seeing his redemptive work and how He uses his people, to bring about His glory. The mentoring alliance is making God known by doing life alongside kids and families. As a ministry, we not only know the gospel, but are challenged to live it out by loving others the way that Christ loved us; sacrificially, and unconditionally. It is God who transforms, changes hearts, and redeems, yet in His perfect wisdom, He chooses to use us. In my role as program assistant, I get to joyfully serve my team. I get to join His redemptive work for His glory alone. 

What I love most about TMA is it's not just knowing the gospel, but sharing it with our lives alongside kids and families. 

3:00pm-6:00pm, Monday - Friday at Elementary Locations

3:45pm-6:30pm, Monday - Friday at Boulter Middle School

Price Prices vary per school. Please check your school location! Financial assistance available.
Dates August 28, 2017 - June 1, 2018