Kimberly is a Southern California native, but also calls Washington state, Germany, and Ireland home. Pine Cove summer camps originally brought Kim from Seattle to Tyler, TX. She worked as a Storytelling Media intern after graduating with an International Business degree in 2016 from the University of Puget Sound (Go Loggers!) After a summer in East Texas Kimberly moved to Ireland for a year, cultivating her passion for bringing people together in mutual understanding and community discipleship. From August 2017-April 2018, she participated in the Pine Cove Forge leadership and discipleship program. The Forge equipped and built her up in areas of theology, community, service, identity, discipleship, and more, preparing her well for her role at The Mentoring Alliance.

After 2 1/2 years of bouncing around, Kimberly says, "I am excited to set down roots in my newest hometown of Tyler, Texas. With the spiritual gift of administration, one of my favorite things is serving behind the scenes to prepare God's people to minister well on the front lines.