Emotional Resilience


Chance Lee, a member of BGC at Andy Woods, exemplifies Emotional Resilience. He has an amazing ability to maintain a positive attitude in every situation. With his parents out of the picture, Chance has lived with his grandmother most of his life. He is constantly full of joy and love. He enjoys making his friends laugh and making sure they are happy. When having a hard day, Chance is quick to recognize and acknowledge how he is feeling and discusses it with his staff members. He has a control on his demeanor that doesn’t waver with the words or actions of others.


Chance is new to Boys & Girls Club, but his growth since starting is evident! The Mentoring Alliance is intentional in programming curriculum that addresses the emotions of students and encourages students to understand and work through what they are feeling in a healthy and productive way. It is students like Chance that show just how important and empowering this curriculum truly is, and we are blessed to get to experience the positive impact it is having on kids in our programs.


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