Hello mentors, families, and friends! I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer! I have a few announcements to share with you as we kick-off into an AWESOME summer.

1. Gospel Village Surveys
It's that time of year to send out our yearly Gospel Village Surveys. We strive for excellence at Gospel Village and hope to only get better each year. If you are involved in Gospel Village as a parent, mentor or student, we would greatly appreciate you taking a few moments to fill out our surveys. Mentors, next time you're with your mentee, would you help us by giving your mentee this survey? This survey is in place to help us get mentor/family/student response to better serve you. 

Mentors: Gospel Village Mentor Survey
Mentees: Gospel Village Mentee Survey
Parents: Gospel Village Parent Survey

2. Pine Cove Outback
We're headed to camp August 5th-10th and we could not be more excited! Mentors and Parents, your Coordinators will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks with information and community service dates. 

3. Things to Do in Tyler
I want to encourage you all to take this summer and spend quality time with your mentees, and remind you that it doesn't have to be extravagant. Here are a few ideas for things to do in Tyler, that cost little to no money!

1. Read through a book of the Bible together
2. Go to the Faulkner Park splash pad or hike the trails
3. Explore the Brookshire's Museum and Country Store
4. Download the Duolingo app or visit the website and learn some new words in a different language
5. Visit the Rose Garden
6. Cook your favorite foods together
7. Cool off with a snow cone at Shiver's or Bahama Bucks!
8. Visit your mentee at Rose City Summer Camps!
9. Showcase your bowling skills at Green Acres Bowl
10. Visit the new arcade at Times Square Grand Slam!

There are so many ways to spend time with your mentees. This summer, my hope is that you will connect with one another in a transforming way.

4. Discover Gospel Village
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our ministry or becoming a mentor, join us for Discover Gospel Village on June 5th, July 3rd or August 7th. For more information or to RSVP, please email bcrawford@thementoringalliance.com

Thank you all so much for your involvement in this ministry. We are excited for the events we have this summer, as well as the memories that will be made between mentors and mentees!

In Christ, 

Carlton Oby
Sr. Director of Ministries











Future Story Event!

We had so much fun at our "Game of Life" simulation on May 10th! Mentors were able to guide their mentees to make responsible decisions, and give them an idea of real-world subjects.


200 Mentor/Mentee Relationships!

On May 22nd, Gospel Village made it's 200th match! How amazing is it that 200 mentors, mentees and families are involved with one another in a mutually transforming relationship. Praise God! Below is this 200th match, Jose and Miguel!


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  • Tuesday, September 4 6:00-8 p.m: Discover Gospel Village @ Boys and Girls Club

RSVP to bcrawford@thementoringalliance.com


Upcoming Events                       Day for Kids 2018! September 15 from 10-2 at Bergfeld Park. Free fun for the whole family!
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