If you love children and are passionate about building relationships, we want to connect you with a child who is waiting for a mentor like you! Mentors help children reach their God-given potential by offering them another godly example, wisdom, friendship and most importantly, unconditional love. We are so excited that you are considering investing in the life of a child in this incredible way!

Get Started

Step 1: Attend Discover Gospel Village

All mentors are required to attend a one-time overview of the Gospel Village program with our team. At Discover Gospel Village we get a chance to meet you, give an overview of how the program works and the answer questions you may have. This time, typically about two hours in length, is invaluable in learning how to be the best mentor possible for your child.

Click here to find a Discover Gospel Village near you.

You may also attend a Discover Gospel Village if you are just considering becoming a mentor and would like to learn more before applying.

Step 2: Fill out an application

Once we have reviewed your application, one of our mentor coordinators will meet with you to get to know you better. Our desire is to hear more about your heart for children, as well as guide you to become an effective mentor.

Step 3: Be matched with a mentee

Finally, we pair you with a child and the fun begins! We prayerfully consider each match, as we believe each relationship has potential for life-long impact. We also commit to support you and your mentee throughout your relationship.


  • Mentors must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Mentors must be followers of Jesus, involved in a local church and agree to the Gospel Village statement of faith.
  • We believe that consistency and time is the recipe for impact. For this reason, we ask that mentors:
    • Make a minimum commitment of at least one year
    • Make contact with your mentee four times per month, at least twice in person. Other ways of contact include a phone call and/or a handwritten letter.

Although this is the minimum, we encourage mentors to meet with their mentees more than the asked requirement, and our hope and prayer is that relationships will last much longer than one year. The most impactful mentoring relationships result from years spent walking alongside a child and their family.

Being a mentor can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life – one that will impact a child today and tomorrow.

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  • Tuesday, September 4 6:00-8 p.m: Discover Gospel Village @ Boys and Girls Club

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