Strong Character


When considering all that makes up strong character, one student in our programs stands out from among the crowd. Jonathan Bravo embodies strong character, and that can be seen in every aspect of his life, from time spent with his family to his three years of involvement with The Mentoring Alliance. Jonathan is wise beyond his years and is deliberate in every decision he makes. Even when no one is looking, Jonathan is deeply concerned with making the most correct and mutually beneficial decision. He has a deeply ingrained respect for authority, for friends, and for himself that is evident in every one of his actions.


Jonathan is kind, strong, gracious, considerate, diligent, and empathetic. He is quick to forgive and never holds a grudge against anyone who has wronged him. Jonathan is a servant at heart and deeply cares for the well-being of others, especially his family.  Jonathan started attending Boys & Girls Clubs at Caldwell in third grade and watching him grow has been inspiring to those around him. Jonathan is unwavering in every situation and stands firm in what he believes. In situations where other students may compromise, Jonathan is steadfast. It is because of this consistency in strength of character that we are excited to recognize him for this priority outcome.



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