Lukas Kilimann

Lukas is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will proudly tell you how to pronounce the state correctly if you ask him. He attended college in Boulder at the University of Colorado, where he studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship. After taking a humanities course on the history of race and ethnic relations in the United States, Lukas began wondering how he could deliberately put himself in a place where he was the minority. This landed him in Memphis, Tennessee after college, where he participated in a Fellowship Program and spent time volunteering at a local ministry in an under-resourced neighborhood. 

He ended up in Tyler because of a long-distance relationship that started at Sky Ranch Christian Camps, and now they are married and eager to step into the unique story the Lord has cultivated for the city of Tyler. 

In reference to his role with Mentoring Alliance, Lukas excitedly shares that "before I knew of MA, the Lord stirred desires in me to be involved in multi-ethnic ministry where unique backgrounds can come together with one voice blessing the city and glorifying the Lord".