Suzette Farr

Follower of Christ. Lover of People.


Suzette is an award-winning philanthropist and strategic marketing professional, born and raised in East Texas, and the first BBA Non-Profit Management graduate from LeTourneau University.


Suzette joins Mentoring Alliance team after serving in the role of Corporate Market Director for the American Heart Association - East Texas. If community service were a gene, Suzette inherited it; for her unrelenting need to serve others. From serving on PTA boards to a proud member of the Junior League of Tyler, Suzette is proud to carry the title of social impact strategist.


“I have always loved to volunteer and serve. I don't come from a wealthy family. I come from a family who was on the angel tree. We were the ones going to the food bank and picking up our food. I've always been a giver, a fixer, and a helper, but I didn't grow up being able to do those things with resources- but I always had time. So, time was what I gave. In school, I was involved in everything, including the President of the Student Council. I was part of anything that I could give my time and service to. That was my way of saying "thank you" to those that fed my family or bought my Christmas gifts or school supplies for my brothers and me.  For me, that was my way of saying thank you to a people I didn't know...”


Suzette resides in Tyler, TX with her husband, Lee Farr, and their five children and attends Rose Heights Church – Tyler. Her passions include spending time with family, travel, attending live theatre productions and she is always up for a good time with her friends. Occasionally she will pick up a flute or piccolo to continue sharpening that gift.