A mentor is someone that walks along you and your family to help your child reach his or her God-given potential.

All of our Mentor Connect mentors come from local churches and go through a detailed application, training and background check process to ensure your child is paired with a godly, trustworthy and safe mentor. Once a mentor pairing is made, the mentor will stay actively involved in your child’s life, staying in touch at least four times a month and meeting in person at least twice a month. Mentors commit for at least a year, but often build relationships that last a lifetime.

Interested in pairing your child with a godly mentor? Please fill out the application. If you have questions you may contact your school counselor or email us at mentorconnect@thementoringalliance.com.


Steps to Become a Mentor Connect Mentee


School counselor identifies a student that qualifies to be a part of the Mentor Connect program

Target: 3rd through 12th grade, single-parent homes.


School counselor contacts the parent/guardian of the student and offers the resource of Mentor Connect

Tyler ISD and Whitehouse ISD offer Mentor Connect as a resource to parents/guardians, but the parent/guardian does not have to accept.


If the parent/guardian accepts, the Mentor Coordinator meets with the parent/guardian to discuss our program and to fill out an application.


Mentor Coordinator introduces mentor to student & parent/guardian.


The mentor and the student begin managing their mentoring relationship.

Mentor Coordinator checks in with student once per semester and the parent/guardian bi-monthly via phone call and with a face-to-face meeting during the summer to ensure safety and the development of relationship.