Kilton McCracken joined the Mentoring Alliance team after 12 years with Wal-Mart where he served as Asset Protection 
Manager.  Kilton has been mentoring through our Mentor Connect program, formerly Gospel Village, since 2014. He is excited to be the Director of Mentoring Alliance Mentor Connect.

Kilton loves preaching the Gospel and has been since the age of 18.  He has always felt a calling to lead God's people through His word.  He is excited to bring this passion to Mentoring Alliance to help churches practice the Great Commission and be community-minded.

Kilton has a lovely wife, Kendra, and two adorable children, Kilton Jr., and Karissa.  They are excited to see Kilton in his new ministry role.  Kilton says of his new role, "I feel a certain need to be the bridge to the minority churches/leaders to be a part of this program and help our mentor staff become more multi-ethnic."