Rolling Out the Red Carpet @ Boulter! 

Ian Wade, Site Coordinator at Boulter, wanted a way to show his campers that they are special in the midst of all the racial tension in our country. He and his staff came up with the "Roll Out the Red Carpet" idea.

Each day at drop off and pick up, each student walks the red carpet while the staff cheers enthusiastically. They celebrate each camper as they come and go. Signs along the red carpet read, "Tangible Help" and "Eternal Hope", and share the messages "You Matter" and We Love You."

The campers have loved this time of celebration. Many campers who arrived at camp rather sleepy and lethargic, now eagerly await their chance to jump out of the car and swagger on into camp, encouraged by the love of their counselors!

Check out our campers stroll down the red carpet! Enjoy this short video here!