Mentoring Alliance Summer Camps combines fun and learning, helping to close the educational “summer gap” that so many students experience while also giving students the summer of a lifetime, all with the gospel at the heart of each day at camp. Every day is packed with activities that students love, while an academic component is woven in to help them start the next school year strong!

Our program is carefully designed to help students develop spiritually, physically, and mentally – all while they have an absolute blast, make new friends and have a summer they will never forget!

  • Ask any of our campers, and they will tell you that camp activities are a BLAST! Fun is a priority for us at camp! Each day, we offer multiple activity sessions, where students participate in arts and crafts, sports, games, dance, and other fun activities that expand their minds and develop new skill sets!
  • The academic portion, taking place twice each day, brings in some of the best certified teachers in the area to provide reading and math lessons that keep skills sharp and offer specialized learning outside of the normal classroom setting.
  • We are committed to sharing the good news of Christ in everything we do. Mentoring and Bible study through our godly counselors are just one way we foster students’ spiritual and emotional development, providing a safe space for them to grow and building strong character.