Life Readiness


Willow, a member of BGC at Ramey, exemplifies what The Mentoring Alliance defines as Life Readiness. Willow has many different interests and is involved in her school and community in countless ways. She participates in many afterschool clubs, has run for student council, and has received numerous academic awards. She is also active in her church as a member of the children’s praise choir. She loves her community and knows that she wants to be a productive and valuable member wherever she may be. Once she graduates high school, Willow is planning on attending Spelman University in Atlanta and studying law. To Willow, becoming a lawyer is the way she can positively influence the greatest amount of people and help those who are in need.


One of Willow’s counselors says “She is a natural leader and always has people looking up to her. This doesn’t go to her head, though. She stays grounded and understands the responsibility of having others following behind you. She is diligent and graceful in everything she does. We wouldn’t be surprised if she became president one day!!” 


Her demeanor and maturity are fixed, and she is set on pursuing and achieving the goals she has laid out before herself. We are so excited to watch Willow grow, and we are positive she will do great things and accomplish every single one of her goals. Willow is ready for anything, and we are overjoyed to be a part of her story.


Vibrant Faith


Za’Kayla is an amazing example of Vibrant Faith. She has been a part of The Mentoring Alliance family for years and has grown tremendously throughout her time spent here. Baptized in October of 2018, Za’Kayla has dedicated her life to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and is intent on having those around her know it. Za’Kayla stays rooted in the knowledge of Christ’s love for her, and she uses this knowledge to deal with the adversity she faces. Za’Kayla’s faith stands out by her actions. She strives daily to live a life set apart. Regardless of the words or actions of the students around her, Za’Kayla stands strong in her faith, vigorously upholding her beliefs and fervently sharing with others the necessity for a life centered around the Savior.


Za’Kayla is an influencer. She is intentional with making sure her influence is one that is pleasing to the Lord and points everyone back to Him. She is also hungry for more. Za’Kayla spends personal time digging in God’s Word to learn more about Him, and she frequently reaches out to trusted BGC staff to ask questions to clarify and expand upon what she is learning. Za’Kayla’s life touches those around her, and it is evident that this is because of the Vibrant Faith that she tends to so carefully.


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