You don’t have to compromise

Too many jobs ask you to forget your faith, convictions, and passions. But life is too short to spend your time working for a job that isn’t fulfilling. You were made for more. When you work for TMA’s summer camps or after-school programs, you’re able to earn money and make a difference, too. When you choose a job you don’t care about, you risk:

  • Compromising your authenticity

  • Unmet potential in a stagnant work environment

  • Wasting time on a job you don’t believe in

  • Missed opportunities to build strong relationships

Love God and love others

After School. Summer Camps. Join our team.

Meet lifelong friends

Build friendships and professional relationships with peers who also share a passion for the Gospel. There’s no stronger bond than between individuals who joyfully work on mission together.

Influence that lasts

Live out your faith by walking alongside students and their families. You’ll not only impact the lives of others, but you’ll learn more about yourself too. It’s mutually transformative work that will last a lifetime.

Grow personally

Earn income. Get experience doing work that you care about. Learn leadership skills that you can only get from real-life experience. And through it all, you’ll discover more about who God made you to be.

Thrive inside a community that cares

You’re more than an employee here. We care about you and want you to thrive professionally, grow spiritually and feel supported emotionally.  That’s why we have enjoyed working with hundreds of young leaders like you for the past eight years.

Start your journey

1. Apply

Choose the program or the programs you would like to work with and submit an application.

2. Interview

After we review your application we’ll contact you to schedule an interview online or, if possible, in person.

3. Thrive

Start influencing the lives of students and become the youth leader and influencer you were born to be.

Connect to your purpose in a community of vibrant faith

At Mentoring Alliance we know that you want to be an authentic leader who uses the gifts that God has given you to make a lasting impact. The problem is that too many jobs don’t offer you the fulfillment you want, which makes you feel disappointed. We believe that life is too short. You shouldn’t waste time doing work you don’t believe in. We understand and care about your God-given gifts and potential, which is why we’ve spent the last eight years equipping young adults to become the leaders they were created to be.  

Apply now so you can stop feeling underdeveloped and instead gain experience, grow your leadership skills, and change lives in a community of vibrant faith.

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