You want to put your faith into action

But the path forward can be confusing. You see a need for more Gospel-centered influence in your community but don’t know the best way to engage. The good news is that there’s a program in place to guide your positive impact. When you become a Mentor Connect mentor, you don’t have to question:

  • If you’re qualified. We train all of our mentors and equip them with training, support and accountability.

  • If you’re doing it right. No one is perfect. But you can be confident that Mentor Connect values transparency and dialogue between our mentors, the families we serve, and our local school partners.  We listen to the people we serve so that our programs meet real needs.

  • If you’re living out your faith. As a mentor, you’re a doer of the Word. It’s a tangible way to fulfill the Great Commission that we see in Matthew 28:19-20. You become the hands and feet of Christ when you invest in a student and their family. 

Answer the call

A child joins the program at the request of their family. These families want their child to grow in discipleship within biblical community. When you say yes to becoming a mentor, you’re saying yes to helping that young person live out God’s purpose for their life. You walk alongside them and their family in community. And that journey has a ripple effect of positive change.

A brighter future

  • A child recognizes they are made in the image of God.

  • Their unique gifts are celebrated.

  • More students gain the confidence and inspiration to become leaders in their community.

Stronger community

  • Individuals of different ages, cultures and backgrounds build mutual understanding  as they walk alongside each other.

  • Churches and families working together.

  • Celebrate unity in Christ.

Spiritual growth

  • Be renewed in your obedience to Christ.

  • Grow closer to God as you experience ministry on a personal level.

  • Show Christ’s love to children who need it most.

You’re equipped

We care about you and will support you as you work to positively impact your local community. This program is built upon:

  • A team of experts in ministry, education and organizational management

  • Over 200 mentors from a variety of life stages, backgrounds and ages

  • 9 years of experience connecting mentors and mentees

  • Resources and activities to help you build healthy relationships with your mentee and their family

Start the journey

1. Connect with us

We know you have lots of questions. Fill out the form and we will reach out to you about our informational meeting where you will learn more about the program and hear from people like you.

2. Apply to become a mentor

We'll review your application and get back to you with training information.

3. Share Life!

Begin a journey of mutual transformation. Be an example of Christ's faithfulness. Speak truth into a student's life. Walk alongside a family.

Commit to the mission

Mentor Connect knows you want to be someone who shines Christ’s light in your community. In order to do that, you need a way to connect with the real needs of our community. The problem is that it’s difficult to know where to start or what to do, which makes you feel uncertain. We believe that finding a way to make an impact shouldn’t be so confusing. We understand and care about connecting you with ways to impact your community. That’s why we’ve used our experiences in community development, ministry and education to connect Christ-loving adults with children whose families have requested mentoring for their child. It’s a mutually transformative relationship as individuals and families grow in understanding of each other through practical help, commitment and fellowship.

So, sign up for an informational meeting. You can stop wondering how to impact your community in a meaningful way and instead feel equipped to put your faith into action.

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